Dreadlock Hairstyles Ways To Rock Dreadlocks


Dreadlock Hairstyles -Ways To Rock Dreadlocks

The natural hair movement is in full swings these days with no immediate signs of slowing down. With so many women opting to showcase the beauty in their natural hair texture, there has been an influx of styling options to rock natural hair in the fiercest way possible.

Arguably one of the best and most popular natural hairstyles is dreadlock. Sure there are many who like to experiment and rock faux dreads, but there is something deeply personal rewarding when you embark on the journey of growing dreads yourself. Just as with braids, the styling possibilities of dreadlocks are endless, but if you need a little inspiration on how to work your dreadlock so that they turn heads, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out some of the hottest dreadlock hairstyles just in time for spring.


These locks are equally feminine and retro and perfect for a night out on the town or any other special occasion. The locks have been curled to mimic the look of vintage pin curls and the result is a style sure to turn heads.



Everyone loves a badass faux hawk right? The good news is that even those with dreads can experience the edgy style of a Mohawk, but with their dreads instead. This look is definitely for the ladies who love to take risks.



Pretty, chic and effortless are the perfect words to describe the utterly beautiful dreadlock look. Here the dreadlocks are formed into an asymmetric Bob with a side part, and finished off with crimps placed throughout. If you were on the fence about trying dreadlock hairstyles, this hairstyle will definitely convince you.



If you love the look of full, voluminous curls, but aren’t quite sure how to create the look with your locks, just take a look at this style for reference. It is sexy and fashionable, proving that dreadlocks are one of the most versatile hairstyles.



There is a certain elegance and regal quality that comes with a chic updo, in this case it is created with dreadlock. This hairstyle is sort of combination between a French roll and a braided bun, either way it is fierce.


dreadlockIf you’re going to rock dreadlocks you definitely want to wear them all down every once in awhile to show everyone just how beautiful they are.

An easy and beautiful way to wear long dreadlock hair styles is to place crimps all throughout your head, adding volume and dimension.